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• The objective of the service is only to alleviate pain, crisis or discomfort or activate/enhance the emergency system of the human body, remotely, so that it reacts to a situation out of control.
In no case is it a therapeutic treatment whose objective is to solve the cause of the problem.

Logically nor is applicable to situations that require physical presence, such as a wound that bleeds.


• In order to make logical use of this service, it is only applicable to patients who have just started an acute health crisis, whose condition does not allow them to wait to make an appointment.


• The pPatient calls the emergency cell phone:(+34) 666.544.444


• Explain your case and symptoms and we verify that the service is indicated.


• If we do not know the patient, we require that you send us your full name and a photograph of yourself via WhatsApp, where you are alone.


• If we can assist you, we will explain how the service works and the price, which will depend on the time needed (€1.5/Minute). Minimum, 30' (€45).


• If the case required more therapists to treat the patient's pain quickly and effectively, you would be informed before starting and the price would be proportional. (2 therapists €90, etc.). However, in order to offer it it would depend on whether the other therapist(s) were available.

• If the patient agrees that we continue the therapy, in the event that after 30 minutes he still has some pain, we will continue until he calls us by phone to stop the therapy and then he will make the remaining payment.


• If you accept the conditions of service, we begin the therapy so as not to waste time while the patient's family makes the payment through Bizum or through account deposit. In this case, you must send us the proof by WhatsApp (preferred) or email (

• Or the therapist ends the therapyand call or family members call us to tell us that we can stop the therapy.


• This service does not replace emergency medical services. It is the patient's responsibility to decide. You can also make the decision to select both. We treat you while you go to the emergency room and, if all goes well, before you are treated, the pain may have subsided.

• You are charged for the work done by the therapist(s), not for the result obtained, since it depends on multiple factors, although it usually works very well.

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