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How was Health for VIPs born?


A little history... In 2000 my first child was born, seven and a half months premature. A few days later, in the neonatal unit, he contracted sepsis that later evolved into hydrocephalus that was not diagnosed until four months later, on the first day of being referred to a referral hospital. The incorrect diagnosis for four months, admitted and evaluated every day, led to generalized cerebral palsy.

At that point, the doctors told us that there was nothing more they could do for him and that he would practically be a vegetable. They even suggested we hand him over to services that keep them alive, clean and fed so that the parents don't have to worry about anything and, if they wish, they can visit him.

Obviously, as parents, we are not satisfied with this solution and we begin to try alternative therapies, randomly. We performed more than 140 treatments in different countries. Of them, only a few helped him at all.

In search of effectiveness


The first thing I learned was that energy therapists They gave appointments for 2 weeks or a month because if they planned daily visits, patients would abandon the treatment because they could not afford it, but the greatest effectiveness occurred when it was carried out as frequently as possible and with the "power" appropriate to that frequency. You just have to see when they treat themselves or their children, whether they do it every day or once a month.

The second thing was that they scheduled visits of 30 minutes or 1 hour to be able to schedule more patients without having to increase the price. However, when they are treated they have the time they need, which is normally much more.

And the third point, that the patient may need assistance at any time of any day and there are usually no emergency services in alternative therapies.

Searching for viability


Seeing that it was not only necessary to go to therapists but also to know the most effective therapies, I decided to studyto understand what based and what worked best in each of them to selectively choose the most appropriate ones in each phase of a treatment.


From here I realized that my son could not depend on whether the therapist could visit him or not, due to distance and we could not be traveling continuously since, in addition, we had to alternate therapies on consecutive days or carry them out simultaneously by therapists who lived thousands of km. away.

The idea


My interests have been various, since I was little I have been fascinated by biology and health, so much so that, at the age of 12, I already had a microbiology laboratory with a photographic microscope and my obsession was to find a cure for cancer, which took 3 my grandparents

In 1985, I created an audiovisual production company and school (awarded as 1 of the 25 most innovative projects in all areas by the Department of Industry) that, later, a university proposed that we join it to certify our studies as master's degrees. Later I created a Center for Alternative Therapies (Also awarded as an Innovative Project) andFinally, I joined the team of the most elite and safe high-yield investment program that I believe exists as a trader facilitator.

My fascination with health, physics in (audiovisual) communication, AI-based trading and quantum mechanics, after many years of study, allowed me to learn how to perform remote therapies so my next step was to find a therapist. will treat my son, channeled through me.

Once achieved, I realized that the amount of energy that a single therapist could provide was often insufficient to treat certain ailments, so I created a team with highly specialized professionals, located in several countries, energetically synchronized with each other, channeled even me and I tuned in to the patient.

The result


Since 2015, we have performed thousands of treatments with different energy levels and we can confirm that the treatment works and is completely harmless. We have left behind cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, elephant skin, schizophrenia, allergies, infertility, etc.

A VIP service


The most important thing I learned from this process was that health is the responsibility of each of us and that it depends on yourself whether you care more about investing in your health or assets. Health is an asset that must be taken care of so that it generates the profitability that we seek on a daily basis since a simple headache can ruin a large operation by making the wrong decision. Imagine suffering from chronic pain or suffering from a limiting or terminal illness.

My philosophy is that the best treatment consists of preventing so as not to get sick, not trying to cure ourselves when we are sick. Therefore, for those who can afford it, the best thing is to treat themselves daily regardless of their health status.

This led me to create a service specifically adapted to people who have decided to undergo this treatment. Furthermore, these people normally cannot travel every day or spend at least 2 hours a day in a therapeutic center, so remote therapy provides them with the necessary transparency to treat themselves without altering their daily activity.

The Health for VIPs project


Our purpose is to create a foundation with a hospital where research is carried out on how to enhance treatments and where people with serious illnesses (primarily children) who do not have the financial resources to pay for them can be treated free of charge.

For this reason, the sponsors of the project are high-standing clients who, once the effectiveness of the treatment has been proven, decide to make donations to be used for the creation of this hospital and to do research to enhance their own treatment, which will receive reports from the entire hospital. Investigation process.

Do you have doubts about it?


Do you want to join this group of people (including doctors) who are treated with our therapy: remote, more effective, non-invasive and without harmful side effects? I invite you to compare it with your current treatment.

If you find this proposal difficult to believe, I invite you to try the method with a basic plan so that you can see that it works, for you, in particular.

I wish you good luck in selecting your method to achieve and maintain your health since, in the end, what gives meaning to being alive is our quality of life.



- Director of Health for VIPs - 

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