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For those who value their health and well-being, we have reached a point where we must question the conventional approach and consider the following questions:

1) Who knows more about the functioning of the human body ? The human body itself.

- So why is there a general belief that a doctor or therapist knows more than the human body?


2) If the human body is who knows the most is the human body and it gets sick, what should we do? Restore its innate ability to self-heal.

- So, why do professionals weaken the ability to self-heal and focus on damaged anatomical structures? We have to focus on who repairs them.

3) Who controls the self-healing processes in our body? Our brain.

Therefore, it is essential to help our brain regain control of the self-healing system.

4) How can we help the brain regain control of self-healing? Through innovative approaches like our quantum therapy backed by artificial intelligence.

5) Is the healing power of our body potent enough to address health challenges like cancer and other complex diagnoses? Yes, its power is astonishing, although it cannot be generalized, but with this harmless possibility, why not give it a chance before resorting to invasive treatments with harmful side effects?

We even have medical professionals who have had to resort to our therapy to heal.

CONCLUSION: Let's Apply the Principle of Conservation.

Let's take a conservative approach using our innate healing ability. The first step should be to allow the self-healing power of our body to take the reins and resolve as much as possible. If, for some reason, we do not achieve the desired result, then consider additional treatments, always assessing whether the improvement justifies possible side effects.

For legal reasons, we must include the following note:

This therapy does not have the recognition of conventional medicine due to a lack of scientific evidence according to traditional medical standards. Analyses, recommendations, and associated words (improvement, development, etc.) do not constitute a promise of healing in the medical sense but function as a positive statement, establishing a goal to be achieved. Our therapy does not provide medical diagnoses or treatments and does not replace professional medical care or non-medical therapy, as both are based on different approaches, procedures, and methods of analysis.



If the genetic information passed on by our parents is not correct, we develop with congenital errors and can develop diseases programmed in the genes that may activate at some point.


Even with a perfect genome, the set of environmental factors to which we are constantly exposed can alter certain genes responsible for very specific dysfunctions. Therefore, everything we touch, breathe, smell, eat, drink, food and beverage containers (PET, BPA, etc.), even what we think, and therefore, emotions and stress, affect our genetic map.


If, due to trauma, a structure is altered, it can affect certain genes on specific chromosomes, altering internal structures, and also transmitting to future generations.


Apart from infections contracted through external contagion, most pathogenic microorganisms are created internally by various factors. The process usually begins with a pathogenic virus that evolves into bacteria, promoting fungi, and, through symbiosis, can develop parasites (the most harmful to the body).

If the immune system is not at its peak or if the brain is unable to recognize them and does not send the order to attack, they proliferate, leading to the appearance of cysts, tumors, etc.


• Despite controlling everything possible, there is no way to guarantee health. Therefore, a service based on prevention is the best method to avoid falling ill.

• Alternatively, by addressing the root cause of the problem at the moment it arises, rather than tackling it when the issue becomes severe, it can be resolved quickly, maintaining stable health.

OUR PROPOSAL: Be your protective shield.

• We offer you a daily service aimed at improving your health and preventing illness. Even if you don't always act correctly, leading to an incipient health problem, we address it immediately, practically without you noticing.

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Place the cursor at the bottom of the image

A UNIQUE THERAPY: REMOTE (Quantum Physics + AI).


What makes our service unique?

• Personalized quantum therapy through artificial intelligence.

• In quantum physics, distance does not exist, so a team of highly specialized therapists, synchronized remotely through the coordinator, channels (remotely) the energy needed for the patient's self-healing system.

• Proven effectiveness and safety in all patients.

• The method does not disrupt the daily lives of patients.

• It is a comprehensive daily health service that constantly safeguards the client's health.

• Thousands of therapies performed since 2015.



• Our team treats you daily regardless of the country you are in or the activity you are engaged in, even if you are traveling or participating in sports.

All of this without bothering you or wasting your valuable time.



• Our method detects many dysfunctions or diseases remotely, locating and treating the cause of your symptoms. Therefore, you may often have information that even doctors themselves may not be aware of.

• Additionally, there are severe diseases that do not present symptoms until advanced stages, which, if not diagnosed in time, can be lethal.

• Once the origin of the problem is identified, we apply the most efficient therapeutic technique or a combination of them, all remotely.

• Our philosophy is to select the best from each type of therapy, choosing the most suitable for each phase of the treatment of each disease, and applying it at a specific moment, either individually or combined. Lastly, our exclusivity: encoding it to transmit it collectively and applying it remotely.


In our research, we discovered that the effectiveness of a treatment depends on the energy power applied per unit of time. Let's consider 2 examples:

A) If you want to heat a room with a heater, you have two options:

1-Select the maximum power and take a short time to reach 23º, for example.

2-Select the minimum power and take much longer due to constant heat losses that slow down the process.

B) We want to fill a glass of water with a hole in the base (energy losses). Filling options:

1-Open the tap to the maximum. In 3 seconds, the glass is full (and with the leaking hole).

2-Leave the tap open dripping, while the base of the glass also drips. What happens? According to the dripping, the glass does not finish filling or takes a very long time.

From there, the idea of treating with a team of therapists simultaneously emerged. 



• The concept is based on the idea that a therapist can channel an energy field of a certain power. If we manage to combine the energy of several therapists working on the same therapy, we increase the power of the treatment and, therefore, can address more severe diseases while reducing the healing time.

• But how? The idea originated from organically simulating a computer farm, which are networks where several computers share their DSPs synchronously to perform calculations for a single project. In other words, several interconnected computers function as a supercomputer. Here, several therapists synchronized to the Earth's vibration frequency function as a supratherapist.



• The determining factor in any treatment is whether the patient follows the professional's instructions, such as taking the prescribed medication or supplementation or whether they strictly adhere to the diet prescribed by the professional. These factors not only depend on whether the patient wants to heal or not but also on remembering, being able to carry it out, whether due to time, emotional factors, family conditions, etc.

• In the end, part of the responsibility for the effectiveness of the treatment falls on the patient themselves.

• Our therapy does not require any of these conditions, except for some necessary or inappropriate food. This makes it practical as it works on its own with practically no changes in the patient's daily routine.



• In allopathic medicine, a medication, for example, repairs the heart but damages the stomach, the medicine for the stomach damages the liver, and so on.

In our service, the chain reaction (through quantum mechanics) goes towards health and not towards chronicity.

• When we perform a therapy, there are changes because the body reacts. Depending on the therapy that needs to be applied in each phase, a momentary healing crisis can be observed, a result of the evolution towards health that the patient is undergoing. These effects include improvements and discomforts such as localized pain, slight dizziness, or fatigue, all of which last for minutes or hours.

If the client cannot feel unwell at certain moments on specific days, they inform us, and we reduce the energy power of the treatment so that they practically feel nothing.



• This therapy achieves positive side effects such as:

- Rejuvenation. It eliminates skin blemishes and improves wrinkles (without creams, botox, etc.), improves flexibility in tissues like skin and internal organs, etc.

- Reduction of gray hair (due to chromosomal alterations).

- Growth, at any age.

- Intellectual enhancement. Improves memory, attention, creativity, and strategy.

- Obtaining restorative sleep (6 hours in women and 7 hours in men).



• From the moment of conception, we can help ensure that the pregnancy progresses smoothly. For example, gestational diabetes, etc., are problems of neurocommunication between the mother and the gestating child and/or lack of energy in the mother, as she has to feed the embryo, which should be treated at that stage.

• There have been cases of embryos with malformations or serious congenital diseases that have been reversed, to the amazement of doctors.

• In general, children react very quickly to treatments. In the elderly, all processes are slower but very effective.



• With our treatment, you avoid infecting your partner by being free of pathogenic microorganisms while preventing pathogenic microorganisms transmitted by your partner from proliferating in you after sexual intercourse, as they are eliminated immediately, preventing the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases, from candidiasis (fungi) to gonorrhea (bacteria), for example.



Considering a disease as incurable suggests that the foundation of those who support it is incorrect or incomplete.

Our philosophy is to change an incorrect approach for a correct one from other therapies that do work.


• A cold. Cold. Like any other viral disease, allopathic medicine can only attenuate the symptoms, so it is the immune system itself that overcomes the cold after several days. With our treatment, we increase the energy potency of the immune system to such an extent that the cold subsides in just a few hours.

• Leukemia. Usually, the problem starts in an infected bone. Since bones and the spinal cord formed at the same moment of gestation, what happens in the bone happens in the marrow (the intrinsic formation of pathogenic microorganisms). By solving the bone infection, the medullary issue is resolved. No need for chemo/radiotherapy or interventions.

• Diabetes. Diabetes involves an increase in blood and lymph sugar levels. Alterations in 12 chromosomes or lymphatic dysfunctions/infections in the pancreas (75%), liver (24%), or spleen (1%) can lead to diabetes. Medicine mainly focuses on the pancreas. By treating these factors, diabetes regresses until completely eliminated.

• Cancer, in general. Tumors are not the causes of the disease but the symptoms. A tumor is usually caused by a symbiosis between viruses, bacteria, fungi, and/or parasites, often systemic due to vascularization. By eliminating these pathogenic microorganisms, its effect fades: the tumor. Once again, no need for chemo/radiotherapy or interventions. Conventional treatment, by focusing on a symptom and leaving the cause active, can allow the tumor to reappear after removal because the real cause that caused it was not resolved: the infection.

These are examples to show that these approaches differ completely from the postulates of allopathic medicine. Therefore, it may not always coincide with what your doctor diagnosed.



• As we have explained, this therapy treats almost any type of disease or dysfunction and patients of any age, even embryos, regardless of whether the origin is microbiological, genetic, due to trauma, etc.

• Does this mean that we can help your brain cure everything and everyone? Not at all, but in general, the effectiveness is very high, and improvement is assured. To what extent in severe cases? It will depend on the pathology and whether the patient more or less follows our recommendations, which are necessary in extreme cases.

Our concept is based on three realities:
1- No medicine or therapy can cure everything.

2- No doctor or therapist knows 100% of the method they apply.

3- No patient follows all the recommendations of their doctor or therapist.

Therefore, the effectiveness of a treatment is the result of the interaction of these factors.

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