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• Staff

Our service consists of helping you improve your health until you reach 

to comprehensive health. Once achieved, treat it every day so that it does not

get sick since the best medicine is prevention.

Since we do not want to force the client to contract a service that he

consider that it does not work for you, we offer you an integration process

progressive, from 1 Demo to normal service of 1 Year, renewable.

Its objective is to test the effectiveness of the treatment, therefore, it is not

It is possible to contract any plan other than the 1-year plan more than once.

If the patient decides not to expand or renew the service, simply,

Your health becomes the result of the conditions you had before

start our treatment, like any other person, so,

Without a change in habits, the same diseases tend to return

and ailments, gradually, although in the longer term.


• Event

The main concern when organizing an event is that everything goes according to plan. However, there is one factor that is not considered, that all guests are well. If this is not the case, no matter how perfect the organization is, it will not obtain the expected result.

There may be a guest who is not feeling well physically or emotionally that day, or the Sun may play tricks on the preservation of certain foods and someone may contract a mild or severe bacterial infection. That is where we can help maintain or improve the health of your guests and eliminate, almost instantly, any infection they may contract since we are constantly monitoring the health of your guests.

• Donation

The main objective of Health for VIPs is to create a foundation with a hospital intended to treat seriously ill patients without resources, mainly children, and to promote research.

This project is financed by donations from clients interested in helping this group, while investing in research for their health problems and taking advantage of tax benefits.

Additionally, you can request to be listed as a sponsor for this project.

If you would like more information, please contact us to learn more details about the project.

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 1 Demo:  €100

This service consists of a mini treatment consisting of alleviating pain that the patient presents in any part of the body and making a diagnosis of their condition.

Its objective is that the client can verify that we can treat and diagnose them, remotely.

1 month:  €24,000

This service consists of treating the client every day with the type of therapy that we consider most efficient to improve their ailments.

The goal is to solve your short-term, treatable health problems and convince you that you can still improve much more. 

6 Months:  €144,000

This plan is the same as the 1-month plan, although it is 6 months long.

The objective is for the patient to experience how their health problems are resolved in the medium term,

Be convinced that we can still help you much more and consider investing in prevention.

1 Year:  €288,000

This is the service for the client who is clear about how their health has improved in 6 months and who wants to continue improving in long-term treatments or maintain their health.

With this, he obtains the peace of mind that a therapeutic team is watching over him 365 days a year.

It is the only renewable service.

Event:  €800/Person/Day

If you organize an event and want our team to transparently ensure your health and that of your guests, this is your plan. We treat before and during the event: infections, poor digestion, headaches or others, emotional processes, etc., situations that can sour a celebration. Plus, if you inform your guests about it, you offer them unique value.

Donation:  x€

If, after verifying the effectiveness of the treatment, you wish to make a donation, we will invest it in research

(including your case) and in the creation of a foundation for serious patients without resources (mainly children) and, if you wish, your contribution will appear among the sponsors of the project.

The prices do not include IVA

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