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HYIP:High Yfield Investment Programs.

They are programs created by Bank Traders authorized by the Reserve

Federal of the USA whose profitability is destined to finance projects of

aid to humanity (third world, natural disasters, wars,

etc) since 1944 when, as a result of the Second World War, it was necessary

rebuild everything that was destroyed.

• These programs consist of the placement of new emissions of

securities among a very limited number of institutional investors or

individuals with high financial capacity through a non-public offer.

Very high profitability for the investor or group of investors:

. 10 Million dollars/euros: 60% Monthly.

. 100 Million dollars/euros: 80% Monthly.

- Standard term: 40 weeks.

- Collection of benefits: weekly.

- Zero risk since it is approved at the time the bank guarantees the deposit and the Bank Trader, the operation.

- Bank Traders designated and authorized by the US Federal Reserve. Therefore, the operation is guaranteed by the US Federal Reserve, "Risk-Free".

- After completing the first operation correctly and before presenting the next one, in order to be approved, the investor must justify that he has invested 20-30% of his return in aid programs for humanity (it is not audited, it must only be present the memory).

• Profits, not interests: Yes to Islam.

• This is a program to obtain profitability, not interest, that is, it comes from the difference in margin between the purchase and sale of bank-guaranteed assets. Therefore, no loan is made.

• The investor's capital only serves to provide bank guarantees since the bank makes the guarantees with the investor's capital that the bank blocks in an account in its own name.

• Islam does not allow usury or the charging of interest and this does not occur in this type of programs. Therefore, since these are benefits, not interests, Islam allows it.

• Requirements for investors

- They cannot have a criminal record.

- You must be up to date with your tax obligations.
- They must have a minimum capital to invest of 10 million euros/dollars, individually or as a group.

- There is no limit on maximum investment capital.

- In the case of a group of investors, they must establish a company and the operation will be in the name of the administrator.

• Procedure

- The investor opens an accountin your name in 1 of the 10 best banks in the world (non-communist countries) and make the deposit.

- The bank guarantees the deposit.

- The Bank Trader and the US Federal Reserve guarantee the contract.

- Upon signing, the operation is executed for 40 weeks. During this period the invested capital cannot be used.

- Benefits (60%-80% monthly) are collected weekly, from the beginning.

- Total confidentiality of the operation.

• Prescribers

- If you cannot benefit from this investment program but know

Someone who can, can prescribe us their contact and if we accept it

and the operation is signed, for your work, you will receive a percentage of the value of the


- Collection of weekly benefits.

- Profits can be deposited into any bank in any country.

• More information

• Do you think it is not possible? Why is it not known? Do you want to know more?

Contact to schedule a call or a personalized visit.

• Why does Health for VIPs provide these investment programs?

• So that our clients can benefit from these programs and their treatment can be more than free so that they can also consider making a donation to our project (the creation of a hospital for people without resources), all of this, without any cost. See more at "About us".

• If, in addition, you intend to make a contribution from the performance in this program to help humanity, we offer you the option of being part of our project as a sponsor of this hospital and, therefore, you will not have to worry about nothing. We will do everything, including providing you with all the necessary documentation to contribute to the bank.

• As you can see, Health for VIPs always offers exclusive services to its clients.

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