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  • Our client profile includes successful businessmen, politicians, artists and athletes, mainly. For this reason, we maintain total privacy about them and their data. In addition, they are our main service prescribers.


  • Our coordinator You must personally know the client or someone who knows them directly to be able to act as an energetic bridge and be able to be treated remotely.

  • The client must provide his/her full written and spoken name (recorded in mp3 format if he/she is a foreigner), his/her date of birth as well as two photographs (without official dress), one of his/her face and another recent full body one, since It is essential so that the therapists can connect with it, energetically, through the coordinator.

  • Because we want to offer the service as it is designed and the prices are calculated so that our therapists feel well compensated and are fully involved in the project, no discounts or incentives are applied for prescribing new clients.



• The client selects the plan, depending on the time they wish to maintain the same therapeutic equipment.

• Both parties must sign the service provision contract.

• The service is activated at the time of receiving payment from the client.

• Prices do not include the corresponding current VAT (21%).


  • D. ______________________________________________________ with DNI ____________________________ as director of Health for VIPs and D./Ms. ______________________________________________________ with DNI/Passport ____________________________, from here on, the "client", confirm that both parties agree to apply the following clauses:


  • The service to be contracted is the one exposed on the website In summary, it consists of treating the client daily, remotely, through a therapeutic team led by the service coordinator. The objective is to improve the patient's current ailments and maintain their health (based on the principle of prevention), only if strictly necessary, following some essential advice.

  • The client is interested in contracting the service offered by Health for VIPs with the plan _________________________.

  • If the client decides to extend the service from a Personal Plan (Demo > 1 Month > 6 Months >1 Year), they must always contract a higher plan, if there is one. The plans already contracted, with the exception of the 1-year one, cannot be renewed since they are only offered to test the effectiveness of the treatment, progressively.

  • Before the start of the treatment and, at least, once before concluding the service, the client will send us a blood and urine analysis that is as complete as possible so that both parties can verify their evolution.

  • The start date of each plan will coincide with the date of receipt of payment. The end date will depend on the plan contracted at that time.

  • The rates in force when contracting or extending the service are those published on this website and may be updated without prior notice. If desired, plans of longer than one year can be contracted to ensure the continuity of the therapeutic team or the maintenance of the rate at the time of contracting the service. In this case, the price is proportional to the 1 Year plan.

  • Health for VIPs will send a weekly report to the client detailing the service performed and the client's progress. If the therapeutic team sees it necessary, they can send you reports more frequently, depending on your status or evolution.

  • For any consultation, the client will only contact the coordinator, who will receive the consultation and create the therapeutic action plan that he or she considers most appropriate. To avoid incorrect verbal interpretations, the means of communication will always be via email and only the emergency communication via WhatsApp, the description must be sent by email.

  • For the service to work correctly, the client only needs to meet and communicate with the service coordinator, never with the therapists.

  • Health for VIPs is committed to responding and starting any urgent treatment as soon as possible, within a maximum of 1 hour from the moment of receiving the emergency WhatsApp, although it usually starts in 15 minutes or less if possible.

  • As this is an alternative therapy, "not scientifically proven", legally, any data we provide you about your physical or emotional state should not be considered a diagnosis but rather an assumption.

  • The service will do everything possible to help you achieve comprehensive health, however, it is not guaranteed since Health for VIPs cannot guarantee comprehensive health or life.

  • In the event of the client's death due to an accident or other cause, Health for VIPs will return 100% of the amount proportional to the days in which the service could not be applied and will assume the expenses derived from the agreements established with its therapists.

  • The client cannot allege that the applied therapy has produced harmful effects on his or her health and, if legally so, he or she cannot seek liability or compensation for this, interpreting that it is part of the risk of any treatment, just as in surgery or any allopathic medical iatrogenesis.

  • The client can unsubscribe for any reason and at any time, notifying it by email. In this case, you can choose between making a name change in this contract in favor of another person or refunding 50% of the amount, both proportional to the remaining days of the last plan accepted. This is becauseHealth for VIPs makes the relevant agreements with the therapeutic team, for the same period, to ensure the continuity of the client's treatment. and, both the coordinator and the therapists, left that time empty in their agenda to be able to attend to it, with the consequent economic losses for everyone.

  • The client's personal and health data are part of a file in the name of the Health for VIPs coordinator, subject to the current General Data Protection Regulation. Their function is to be able to contact and document administratively as well as carry out therapeutic monitoring of the client and they will not be transferred, under any circumstances, to third parties. You can exercise your rights of elimination, rectification, etc. requesting it by email to

  • Both parties, of legal age, with full use of reason and sufficient legal capacity, sign this contract as a symbol of acceptance of all points of this contract. Any dispute would be resolved in the courts of Manresa (Barcelona).

  • In __________________________________________, on ____ of ______________________________ of __________.

  • Firms.




                                        Director of Health for VIPs                                                                     Customer

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