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And allopathic medicine?

Allopathic (conventional) medicine is only one way of understanding health but, like it, there are many more. Without going any further, traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for more than 4,000 years.

The scientific method is limited by current knowledge, so it is also just another method. Most alternative treatments that work do not know how to test it because there is still no equipment or knowledge for it.

Allopathic medicine treats the symptoms, not the cause. If I treated the cause, all the symptoms would disappear, but why don't they? Simple: they depend on the pharmaceutical industry. If they treat the symptoms, the patient takes medication and, as long as they do so, the symptoms go away, but if they stop taking medication, they return. In addition, the medication produces harmful side effects that make another part of the body sick, which generates more medication and business and so on. In the end, its objective is to make the patient chronic and lengthen their life expectancy to medicate them for more time. What is not a business is a pill that cures or kills.

Does that mean allopathic medicine is not useful? Not at all, perhaps it is the best to save 

lives in life or death situations, accidents, emergency surgeries and to generate 

analyzes or "diagnoses" by the image. We even prescribe these last 2 for

verify the effectiveness of our treatment. 

The rest of the applications of allopathy, being the most harmful to the body, are the last

that we prescribe to a patient, or to ourselves.


Following allopathic medicine means agreeing with itto iatrogenic (which It is the legal damage that a doctor can cause to your health caused bymedications, medical procedures or surgeries. Think that heThe pharmaceutical industry is usually the second most important type of company in a country, following the financial company). Do you know how many thousands of people die every year due to iatrogenics?

However, our medicine is compatible with any other and if the patient wishes to share it with another, our treatment will still improve its side effects. Proof of this are the patients who decided to undergo chemotherapy (due to the "fear of not following the system", which is what the pharmaceutical industry intends) and who, as a result of our treatment, have drastically reduced the side effects. .

An important point, if you decide to apply allopathic medicine, in parallel, we, as therapists, do not modify the medication prescribed by your doctor. Simply, as each time you will feel better and it will be your doctor who will lower the doses until you completely remove the medication.

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