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And allopathic medicine?

Allopathic (conventional) medicine is only one way of understanding health but, like it, there are many more. Without going any further, traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for more than 4,000 years.

The scientific method is limited by current knowledge, so it is also just another method. Most alternative treatments that work do not know how to test them because there is still no equipment or knowledge for it.

Allopathic medicine treats the symptoms, not the cause. If you treated the cause, all the symptoms would disappear, but why don't you do it? Simple: it depends on the pharmaceutical industry. If they treat the symptoms, the patient takes medication and, as long as they do so, the symptoms disappear, but if they stop taking medication, they often return. In addition, medication usually produces harmful side effects that make another part of the body sick, which generates more medication and business, and so on. In the end, the objective of pharmaceutical companies is to make the patient chronic and enhance their hope of recovery. life to medicate it for longer. What is not a business is a pill that simply cures.

Does that mean allopathic medicine is not useful? Not at all, perhaps it is the best for

save lives in life-or-death situations, accidents, emergency surgeries and for 

generate physical (non-energy) analyzes or diagnoses through the image.

We even prescribe these last 2 to verify the effectiveness of ours.

treatment. The rest of the applications of allopathy tend to be the most harmful for

the body and, therefore, they are the last thing we prescribe to a patient, or to ourselves.

Therefore, we do not agree with the pharmaceutical industry but we do agree with doctors,

whose intention is to help improve the health of patients, like us.
For this reason we work integratively with them sharing information

relevant to the same case, even if the bases on which we rely are different.


Following allopathic medicine means agreeing with itto iatrogenic: the legal harm that medicine can cause to your health caused bymedications, medical procedures or surgeries. lThe pharmaceutical industry is usually one of the most important types of companies in a country but at what cost? Do you know how many people die each year due to iatrogenesis? It is considered one of the most important causes of mortality.

The WHO estimates that each year, globally, tens of millions of patients suffer disabling injuries or die as a direct result of unsafe medical practices. In Europe alone, on average, one in 10 hospitalized patients has been the victim of some form of preventable harm.

However, our therapy is compatible with any other type of medicine and if the patient wishes to share it, our treatment will still improve its side effects. Proof of this are the patients who decided to undergo chemotherapy (due to the "fear of not following the system") and who, as a result of our treatment, have drastically reduced their side effects.

An important point, if you decide to apply allopathic medicine, in parallel, we, as therapists, do not modify the medication prescribed by your doctor. Simply, as you feel better, it will be your doctor who will lower the doses until, if possible, completely withdrawing the medication.

Conclusion: What do we use from allopathy?

From our point of view, the application of allopathy should be:

-Emergencies: Yes, if there is no other less harmful way. Our therapy can resolve many emergencies, treatable from a distance, although, for example, from a distance, we cannot cast a bone fracture or suture a wound that bleeds.

-Surgeries: Yes, as long as life depends on it in the very short term, otherwise we can avoid many surgeries with our treatment.

-Analytics: Yes, although our therapy also allows certain parameters to be evaluated remotely. We can even determine measurements of incipient cysts or tumors, for example, immeasurable with medical equipment.

-Imaging diagnostics: Yes, it is very useful to verify our findings or to ask the doctor for a test of this type in a specific location so that he can discover what we are treating.

-Treatments: There are many therapies that treat a particular ailment effectively, less invasively, and with fewer harmful side effects. Our therapy, for example, does not produce them, apart from the possible initial temporary healing crisis.

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